Porvoo Day Trip

Porvoo, situated on the southern coast of Finland. It's the second oldest city in Finland and the city has served as both a home and a source of inspiration for many Finnish artists. One of the famous attraction is the lovely red shore houses. Porvoo is famous for its beauty in the summer. It's also the home of the famous Finnish Poet, J.L. Runeberg. Runeberg torte, one of the popular Finnish pastry that is available at stores and cafes only from the beginning of January to Runeberg's birthday on February 5. According to legend, Runeberg's wife, Fredrika Runeberg made the fresh torte everyday for Runeberg as breakfast.


The trip will start by a bus ride from Helsinki to Porvoo in the early morning. We'll have lunch after arriving to Porvoo. Walk around the town to see the lovely buildings and take some memorable pictures. Taste the fresh Runeberg's torte, check some nice shops and enjoy the historical surroundings. After the relaxing tea time, we'll take the bus back to Helsinki.

Price list:
80 euros / person for 1 person group
70 euros / person for 2 person group
55 euros / person for more than 3 person group

Traveling date:
From 01.06.2017 to 01.12.2017

Duration of the trip:
4 ~ 6 hours

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*** Return transportation from Helsinki, lunch, tea time and service fee are included in the price.
*** Max. 6 persons.
*** Schedule of the activity might change depending on the opening hours and the current weather conditions.
*** Order at least 2 weeks before the traveling date.